Peace tax campaigners turned down by UK judge

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Peace Tax Seven, who are campaigning to have the 10 per cent of their taxes which go to Britain’s defence budget diverted to non-military uses, have had their case rejected by a High Court judge.

The judicial review was called for under article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees freedom ‘to manifest one’s religion or beliefs’ and which was made a part of British law in 1998. The Convention includes the right to conscientious objection and the campaigners claim that this gives them the right not to pay other people to go to war on their behalf.

Their statement to the court said: “We want to make a positive contribution to society by paying our tax in full. We object in conscience to paying others to kill on our behalf, but current tax policy forces us to do just that.”

The courtroom had to be enlarged to make room for supporters and the judge listened to the case for three hours.

Roy Prockter, an accountant and campaign member as well as a Quaker, said that the judge told them that “our case has no possibility of being resolved in the British courts”. According to the Guardian, the judge suggested they take the case to Strasbourg. Roy said that the members were going to take time for reflection as they awaited the written judgment from the judge.

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Common Problems With Heat Pumps In Queen Creek Az

byAlma Abell

One of the most vital parts of heating and cooling your home properly is having a heat pump that is fully functional. There are many different problems that can arise when dealing with HVAC systems, so when you notice there is a problem you should call a professional immediately. Here are some of the most common problems that happen to Heat Pumps Queen Creek AZ.

YouTube Preview Image

Noisy Pump

In general, mostHeat Pumps Queen Creek AZshould be extremely quiet when they are in use, which means that if you hear a noise there is probably an issue that needs to be addressed. Some noises will come directly from the heat pump, while others will only be heard through the ducts and vents of you system. In some cases, a loose nut or bolt could be the culprit, which means a professional should be brought in to properly tighten and fix the issue. If you check all of the hardware and belts but the noise is still happening, you will need to call in a professional to do a more thorough check in order to find the root of the problem.

No Heat

One of the most common issues with Heat Pumps Queen Creek AZ is the lack of heat coming from the vents. A bad thermostat or igniter could be the problem, but having a professional check your system is the only way to know for sure. One of the first things that you should do before calling the professionals in is to reset the breaker of your HVAC system. In some cases, this will help to get the heating pump working again. In most cases, a professional will need to do all of the repairs to your system in order to make sure that they are done properly.

If you are looking for a company that works on Heat Pumps Queen Creek AZ, then be sure to contact the professionals at Sterling Services. They offer many years of experience in the industry as well as financing for more expensive jobs. You can call them or visit their website at for more information.

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Online buyers conned by fake Olympics ticket web sites

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two web sites purporting to sell tickets to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games due to open in Beijing, China on Friday have been the subject of lawsuits from the International Olympic Committee in United States courts in recent weeks. The web sites, and, were designed to resemble official sites and often appeared above the official sites in Google searches, and scammed some victims out of up to US$50,000 each for tickets to events such as the Opening Ceremony and swimming, which were listed despite the official Beijing ticket web site stating that tickets to all events had sold out as of July 27. The sites are believed to have taken in millions of dollars in total.

Ken Gamble, a private investigator from Sydney, Australia, believes the sites are operated by Terance Shepherd, whom Gamble has been tracking for several years in relation to other fraudulent web sites selling tickets to events such as the FIFA World Cup. According to Gamble, Shepherd’s modus operandi involves setting up the fake web sites, overselling the tickets, and then failing to produce the tickets. “The story’s always the same,” Gamble said, “it’s an ‘unfortunate mistake’ or someone has ‘let them down’. They promise a refund, which never happens, and the credit companies end up paying all the refunds.” Shepherd owns a home in the London suburb of Blackheath, although authorities believe he is currently hiding in Barbados.

On Monday, customers received an email from someone named “Alan Scott”, claiming that the site’s ticket supplier had filed for bankruptcy. The email recommended that customers should contact their credit card companies to seek refunds “immediately”, and said that the company would set up a call centre to provide assistance to its customers. However, the site has been shut down and a phone number previously listed on it has been disconnected. The company’s address, in Phoenix, Arizona, was found to be an empty office space. Visa International has stated that victims who used their Visa card to pay should be able to get their money back, but it is not yet clear whether the same will apply to all customers.

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Toronto’s Anime North 2019 brings thousands of fans together

Friday, May 31, 2019

Many thousands of anime and manga fans descended on the Toronto Congress Centre for Anime North, a fan-run convention launched in 1997. Spread between four venues over three days, May 24 to 26, the event featured J-pop maid idols, voice actors, writers, and more. Wikinews attended.

Despite the ample indoor spaces, the parking lot of the Centre is also a hub of activity, with cosplayers posing for photos. Attendees were sent running for cover on Saturday, as heavy rains and a severe thunderstorm warning put a damper on festivities.

The event is organized by a massive team of volunteers, and known for its specialized programming for fans, by fans. On the night of May 25, for example, attendees could catch “Pokemon Biology”, “Kimono Obi Tying”, and “Underappreciated Sports Anime/Manga.”

US voice actor Alexis Tipton marveled at the growth of the anime industry in the last decade. “Back when I was going as a fan, there wasn’t as much anime, so it was easier to know about everything,” Tipton observed during a question and answer session. “I’m so overwhelmed by how much there is.”

Tipton held a panel on her career, dubbing anime for US distribution company Funimation Entertainment. While many anime voice actors weren’t fans going into the industry, Tipton recalled going to anime conventions with her friends during middle school and high school. Once she was an invited guest, Tipton recalls realizing “oh, I’m not here to just have fun, I’m here to work; I have a set schedule and I can’t just, like, you know, go do what I want.”

Early in her career, Tipton was cast as a voice for My Bride is a Mermaid, a role that required singing. Then just 19 years old, she looked at the role as a “chance to face my demons,” having questioned her abilities for years. “I was in an extremely competitive [singing musical theatre] program in high school. I had started working at Funimation when I was 19, so I was just barely in college. And so those scars were still like, really fresh. I had a lot of competition and people would find what your perceived weakness was, or what your actual weakness was in the program, and they would take advantage of it. And so I had people trying to make me feel like I couldn’t sing my way out of a paper bag, and then I would get so nervous when I would sing that I couldn’t support my notes, and so it would just prove them right.”

Tipton was devastated when she got a sinus infection, the week of the audition. “This director doesn’t know me, I haven’t worked with him, he’s going to think that this is what I sound like,” she recalls thinking. “I don’t know if I had a shot to begin with, but now I really don’t have a shot.” She was thrilled when she was cast.

Another voice actor, Lauren Landa, would list Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus as dream roles, when asked at conventions. She was given a chance to audition for the characters years later, when Vizmedia dubbed the first two seasons of Sailor Moon. When she was cast, “I swear to you, I was speechless,” she told an audience at her Q&A session.

Cosplay model and professional singer Jillea attended the Saturday of the convention dressed as Pokemon species Charizard. Wikinews spoke with her by email, after the event:

((WN)) What got you into cosplay modelling?

Jillea: My love for cosplay started with the community, what started as a fun hobby I would do periodically quickly became a huge part of my life, and the reason for that being how amazing the cosplay community embraced me and my work. I’ve always been a creative person, so getting to make my costumes and have people say ‘oh my gosh, I love that character!!’ got me hooked right away. They’re just my people, what can I say, they really make me feel welcomed and I love them for it.

((WN)) How did you choose Charizard?

J: I’m a 90’s baby so you could say I’m a bit of a Pokémon OG! I had a Game Boy as a kid and my very first purchase was Pokémon Red, solely based on how cool Charizard looked on the cover. Charizard has always been my favourite Pokémon and I can’t resist a challenging cosplay… and the nostalgia!

((WN)) What was your favourite part of Anime North?

J: This was my very first time attending Anime North and I was blown away! The booths were incredible and unique, every time I turned around I was seeing something different I’ve never seen at a convention before. Everything was easy to access and I even made use of the Cosplay Recharge station that literally saved the day with their hot glue! Extremely friendly environment it will not be my last time back for sure.

Wikinews?’ Nick Moreau photographed the event.

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Overview Of The Tamerica Tcc Sp41 Coil Binding Machine

By James Ian Hill

Do you like to bind your own recipe books, manuals, presentations, reports and other books. Many people find coil binding to be one of the most fun and most functional binding formats available. One solid coil binding machine that you may want to consider using for your own bookbinding operations is the Tamerica TCC-SP41. I have used this machine and would like to give you an overview on what I think of it.

Tamerica is a leading manufacturer of office equipment in the United States. Their lineup of office equipment entails binding machines, paper cutters, laminators and other specialized office machinery. Tamerica products have always been considered a good budget alternative to other machines such as those made by Akiles. Tamerica machines are affordable and typically come packed with features.

The Tamerica TCC-SP41 is a 4:1 pitch coil binding machine. The pitch, also referred to as the hole pattern, determines how many holes per inch the paper punch will create. A 4:1 pitch machine punches four holes per inch of paper. This ends up being about 44 holes along the 11″ side of a sheet of paper. While the TCC-SP41 easily handles letter-size paper, it can also be used with paper up to 14″ long, A4 paper, B5 paper and custom paper sizes. The 4:1 pitch binding pattern is the most common used in coil binding. The other available pitch in coil binding is 5:1, which is five holes per inch. The 4:1 pitch is popular because it binds up to 1 1/4″ of paper at a time.

YouTube Preview Image

One of the features that makes binding custom paper sizes a possibility is the selectable punching pins included with this machine. A total of 53 punching pins can each be individually disabled or enabled, depending on the size of the paper you are binding. This means you can punch an 8 1/2″ long sheet of paper without worrying about a half-punched hole. The TCC-SP41 can also be used to punch through card stock, clear covers and more.

The TCC-SP41 can punch through up to 20 sheets of paper, which is impressive for a manual punch machine. The long handle is leveraged in such a way that punching 20 sheets of paper doesn’t require a lot of effort. High-quality hollow ground dies also help assist in the punching process. Hollow dies, because there is less surface area, slices through paper. Punched “chad” falls into a waste collection tray for later emptying.

Overall this is a solid machine. The only downside is that it does not include an electric coil inserter. Coils have to be manually inserted by hand. To compensate for this, and to make manual coil insertion easier, the TCC-SP41 comes with a concealed pop-up coil insertion table. This helps you to guide coils through the punched holes.

I would consider the TCC-SP41 to be an entry-level machine. While the build quality is excellent, the lack of an electric coil inserter will slow down the binding process. This machine is probably best used for binding a few dozen books a day, making it ideal for small business use. You will find the Tamerica TCC-SP41 at

About the Author: For more information on the


, or for more information on other

binding machines

, please visit

. James I. Hill has over a decade of experience working with book binding machines, laminators, paper shredders and other office equipment.


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Forget driving to the Olympics, says Beijing

Friday, September 22, 2006

Anyone planning on attending the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China can forget about renting a car when they get there.

Newspapers reported on September 18 that no private cars would be allowed near any of the venues in the host city, in an attempt to combat the gridlock that has plagued the city.

Known for its stand-still traffic, Beijing’s transport authority believes it needs to curb at least 20% of traffic flow to ensure the Games run smoothly. The number of cars in the city is set to increase from 2.7 million to 3 million by the time of the Olympics. Country-wide, annual car sales are expected to reach 10 million annually by 2010.

A good infrastructure is one of the International Olympic Committee’s top priorities when searching for bid cities. The IOC requires that athletes, support staff such as coaches, venue volunteers, spectators, and the press all should be able to get from venue to venue without hassle.

Existing plans in Beijing say that private cars may only drive in the city on alternate days. Plates with odd numbers would drive one day, while even numbered licenses would drive the next day.

Wired magazine has suggested fuel-cell vehicles may be China’s next cultural revolution. Vancouver-based venture capitalist Mike Brown told the National Post: “If they get aggressive about this, and they decided to build up a fuel cell manufacturing capability to sell half a million of these things, they’ll get the costs down faster than anybody else.”

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This is the category for immigration.

Refresh this list to see the latest articles.

  • 12 February 2019: German migrant rescue charity renames ship after drowned Syrian toddler
  • 7 January 2019: President Trump says he ‘can’ and ‘may’ put US into state of emergency to build border wall
  • 9 September 2017: Fifteen states sue United States President Donald Trump for cancelling program for undocumented immigrant minors
  • 2 July 2017: Third Trump travel ban takes effect
  • 16 March 2017: U.S. judge blocks second Trump travel ban
  • 9 March 2017: Travel ban 2.0 exempts Iraqis, U.S. permanent residents
  • 6 February 2017: Travel to U.S. resumes after federal judge blocks executive order
  • 29 January 2017: U.S. federal judge halts Trump’s ban on refugees, people from Muslim countries entering U.S.
  • 18 January 2017: Theresa May’s Brexit speech rules out single market membership
  • 31 July 2016: Italy initiates €1.5million social media campaign to discourage migrants

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Eurovision ’09 competitor Chiara talks about her current song “What If We” and her past accolades

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The small archipelago of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea takes the Eurovision Song Contest very seriously. Leading a fight to remove a cap on the number of competing countries brought them back to the Contest in 1991 after a 16-year absence, and ever since the nation has had perfect attendance.

Since then, Malta’s dependable “shining star” has been Chiara Siracusa, who goes by her first name in her music career. First competing in 1998 at the age of 21, she was pushed to the brink of victory until the votes from the final country that evening leveled her placement to third. Her rendition of the song “The One That I Love,” and the recognition she received not only for herself, but for her country, made her a star in Malta overnight, and helped her launch a singing career in Europe.

She would later return to the Contest in 2005 with “Angel,” an anthem she penned herself, and achieved second place. Now, in 2009, she will be going back to Eurovision for a third try, hoping for the “3-2-1” charm and a victory — something that has eluded her thus far. Her entry, the ballad “What If We,” has special memories for Chiara; it is dedicated to her father, who is recently deceased.

What if Chiara could take home the gold in Moscow; for Malta, for her father, and for herself? Only time will tell. Chiara took time out of her Eurovision promotional schedule to answer some questions from Wikinews’ Mike Halterman about her past performances, and most importantly, her upcoming one.

This is the fourth in a series of interviews with past Eurovision contestants, which will be published sporadically in the lead-up to mid-May’s next contest in Moscow.

((Mike Halterman)) You’ll be going to Moscow for a third try at possibly winning Eurovision. Why did you decide to compete this year? How did your partnership with Marc Paelinck and Gregory Bilsen come about?

Chiara: Well, I met Marc Paelinck long time ago through a friend in Belgium. We started working together and it brought us to this collaboration today. I was thinking of going back to the festival [for a long time] and this year felt like the right year to do so.

((Mike Halterman)) Eurovision fans from across Europe picked you as the wide favorite to win Malta’s preselection this year. Were you as confident? Were you nervous about competing in the semi-final rounds this time around, or did you think this was something you could handle?

Chiara: When I go into a competition, I always go to win, but I was nervous like everyone else…I think [when] you win a festival, [you win] for what you present, not for what your history is.

((Mike Halterman)) Growing up, did you always want to become a singer? Who were your musical influences, and what genres do you think are your favorite? Do you think these preferences have molded you into the singer you are today?

Chiara: Definitely. My mum always says I used to sing and dance for them all the time since I was a baby, and I’ve always loved ballads. In fact, my favourite singer has always been Whitney Houston.

((Mike Halterman)) How did you come to the decision to enter the Eurovision pre-selection for Malta back in 1998? What kinds of feelings did you experience during the path you took to eventual victory in the national final?

Chiara: 1998 was my first time in the festival. I was very young and I felt I could never win it. I wanted just to try and be there with the big names of those times. It was very scary and overwhelming, [and] then I won.

((Mike Halterman)) Did you feel overwhelmed performing in front of an international audience in Birmingham? What kind of personal feelings and emotions made you relate to the song you sang, “The One That I Love”? There were remarks afterwards that your performance was great, but your dress had similarities to Barbara Dex’s from five years before (and she has become well-known for her “fashion don’t”). Looking back on it, what did you think of that dress?

Chiara: Well…looking back I remember that I was completely overwhelmed [singing] in front of so many people. I was very scared but managed to do well. As for the dress, they were different times [back then] and it was beyond my control.

((Mike Halterman)) You came very close to winning the Contest for Malta back in 1998. When you didn’t, how did it make you feel? Did you feel “robbed”? As an addenda, some Wikipedians I’ve talked to have hypothesized that tabloid hype before the event helped Dana International win; in other words, she would not have won had she not been a transsexual. Do you feel that’s true, and did you like her song?

Chiara: I know a lot of Maltese who voted for Dana because they liked the song and for no other reason. The song was good and we still hear it today.

Obviously when you are so close to winning something and you don’t, yes, you feel a bit robbed, but [then there’s] the moment [when] you realise you did well and you are happy.

((Mike Halterman)) After Eurovision, you made a transformation from an unknown singing hopeful to a true recording artist. Tell us a bit about your transformation, and how you felt during this time. Also, around this time you started to perform in concerts and festivals abroad. What was your best memory from this time, when you were performing abroad and people from outside Malta not only knew who you were, but were interested in your life and music.

Chiara: Everything came like rain in my life, from one thing to the other, and before I knew it I became “Chiara of Malta.” I loved it, but I didn’t have much time to think about it. It came quickly; I went to a lot of places and sang with many people but I think what I will always remember is the concert I did with my band, where Seal was as well in the same event, in Frankfurt. It was incredible.

((Mike Halterman)) In 2005, you entered the Contest again, this time with a song you wrote yourself. What is the meaning behind “Angel,” and what kind of story do the lyrics tell about your own life and experiences?

Chiara: “Angel” is a love song and it will always have a special place in my heart. It’s about the love you give someone without wanting anything back, and the unlimited support too.

((Mike Halterman)) You achieved the best placing for Malta in Eurovision history with your performance in 2005. What did you learn from your experiences in 1998 and, in your mind, how did you improve to become more successful in 2005?

Chiara: I think it’s the maturity and the experience. [Through] the years, without knowing, you [gather] so many lessons and behave better and take things a bit more serious and so on.

((Mike Halterman)) Surely you’ve read not only supportive comments, but negative ones as well, particularly concerning your weight. At the same time, however, you have become a role model of sorts for fuller-figured women across Europe, who aren’t accustomed to seeing “people like them” at Eurovision. How did you deal with the negativity, both in the context of the Contest and in your personal life, and what message do you hope to give to full-figured women who look to you for inspiration?

Chiara: Well, I have always been “full figured,” as you put it. I have spent time in my life trying to become as thin as I could, but I could never make it. Through the years I have learnt to accept myself and love me for what I am and how I look. I feel I have nothing less than others and my advice is to be happy with yourself, and love yourself, because you can never get someone to love you if you yourself don’t.

((Mike Halterman)) Tell us about the emotions you convey in the song “What If We.” Every song has a story, so what is the story played out in this song?

Chiara: The story for me with this song is completely about my father. He was the one to contact Marc [Paelinck] and he was the machine behind Eurovision for me, so he’s entirely what this song is about for me and being that he passed away three months ago, well, it makes the song very special when I sing it.

((Mike Halterman)) If you had to absolutely pick one song, which of the three songs you’ve submitted is your favorite, and why?

Chiara: The three songs [each] have a story of [their own]. “The One That I Love” gave me my whole career, my fame and everything I am today so i can never forget it; “Angel” is too special because it’s like my baby, I wrote it myself; and “What If We” is very deep in my heart because of my dad, so I can never choose between them. Sorry!

((Mike Halterman)) What are your plans for after the Contest? What kinds of projects would you like to pursue? Have you considered launching a singing career in the United States?

Chiara: My immediate project after the festival is an album which I have already started working on, in my style [which] is completely ballads, then wherever that takes me I’ll go, [whether it be] the U.S. or elsewhere.

((Mike Halterman)) Finally, what would you like to tell all of your fans, awaiting your performance this May in Moscow?

Chiara: I would like to thank them for the ongoing support they have always showed me, and promise them I will give them my all on the performance night in Moscow.

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Container Storage Solutions At Space Station}

Container storage solutions at Space-Station


jack authors 3Container storage is a very useful option when you have to shift your home. You can also use container storage when you want to clear up some mess at your home and keep all the stuff that is rarely used at one place. Container storage is the one stop solution to all your storage problems.

Why container storage?

Container storage

is very convenient brings some order. Whenever you decide to shift, you would never realise how much stuff you have until you start clearing up your garage, loft, kitchen, cupboards and all. In such case container storage is the only thing that would provide you efficient storage solutions. You will be able to put all your stuff at one place and hence packing and rearranging things at your new home would also become easier. Container storage reduces your shifting workload to a large extent. You can also use container storage to keep all small articles at your home at one place, when you know that you would be rarely using them.

YouTube Preview Image

How costly is container storage?

Container storage would provide you efficient storage solutions for a very low cost. The amount you would have to spend on container storage would be definitely less when compared to the convenience it would offer you. You will be able to choose one of the many container storage options to suit your budget. Storage solutions

can never be simpler than with container storage.

How safe is container storage?

A container storage can never be safer than at space station. Space station provides you the best and the most secure storage solutions at the most competitive prices. Storage centres at space station are equipped with the most advanced security measures to ensure that your precious belongings stay safe. All belongings at space station are insured before they are transported to the storage facility. We realise how precious your belongings are to you. Container storage provided for home moving are also insured. We also take complete care that no damages are incurred by your belongings when they are being transferred from one place to another.

The most efficient storage solutions

Space station provides you the most efficient storage solutions of all. We know exactly what our customer wants and hence we provide storage solutions accordingly. Not only have we provided the most advanced, but also the most customer friendly storage solutions. Space station offers storage solutions at the most competitive prices in the industry.The most efficient storage solutions

Space station provides you the most efficient storage solutions of all. We know exactly what our customer wants and hence we provide storage solutions accordingly. Not only have we provided the most advanced, but also the most customer friendly storage solutions. Space station offers storage solutions at the most competitive prices in the industry.

Space station has over twenty five years of experience in providing efficient

storage solutions

for customers in UK. Space station is one of the few storage facilities that offer

container storage

for twenty four hour access to the self storage area. Space station is committed towards customer satisfaction and focuses on building a relationship oriented business with its customers.

Article Source:}

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Emergency at JDS Uniphase in San Jose, CA

Friday, March 3, 2006

The San Jose, California fire department and Hazardous Materials crews today responded to a chemical emergency at a JDS Uniphase manufacturing facility. The incident, at 80 Rose Orchard Drive, off North First St., sent between 15 and 17 people, including two firefighters, to the hospital with symptoms and for observation.

Those exposed to the hazard reported a smell of “burnt rubber”, along with symptoms of eye and throat irritation.

Over 48 others were held in a nearby building while the incident was assessed. Rose Orchard Way was closed for much of the day while emergency crews responded. Estimates put the incident at about 10 a.m. (1800 UTC).

As of 6 p.m. television news reports, authorities still had not determined the source or nature of the chemical, but said neighboring buildings were not in danger.

JDS Uniphase manufactures fiber optic communications and test equipment, and was formed from a merger of JDS FITEL and Uniphase Corporation in 1999.

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