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Delhi is spread over 1,484 km area of land and overflows to the neighboring areas included under the NC region, and at present Delhi plays home to travelers, tourists, people who come to India on a spiritual journey and domestic migrators who come to Delhi to have a shot at a better standard of life. The residents of Delhi are also made up by those Punjabi families who migrated to Delhi after the partition of India, and had had settled in the Karol region which is now a tourist attraction spot because of the success of the Gaffar Market. People of Delhi have always shared a generic taste for food items, as they are expressed as jolly and happy-go-lucky. Best

restaurants in Delhi

serve to the Delhi people their choice of food items of which variance is unlimited. Delhi is the origin place of many world famous cuisines such as Mughlai, North Indian food in Delhi with Vegetarian dishes and Chaats . Chaats of Delhi are so popular that people from all over the country travel to Delhi for business or pleasure but find the time to visit the local streets of Delhi to have the chaat, which includes the popular GolGappas, Aloo Tikki, Dahi Bhalla, and many more tangy and spicy food items.

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Chandni chowk is one of the oldest streets of Delhi to serve food in stalls and small shops. It is considered to be the food capital of the country precisely because it is said that almost all the Prime Ministers of Delhi have at least visited Paranthe wali gali once to have the delicious and buttery paranthas. Indian veg food is not only exclusively liked by the Indians of vegetarian persuasion but is extremely popular in the West as well, with many Indian restaurants serving best food in the U.S.A, U.K and Canada.

In the National Capital Region,

restaurants in Ghaziabad

are also well reputed for their offering of choices between South India food, North Indian Vegetarian food, Punjabi food etc. Mughlai cuisine is also a specialty in Delhi as many reputed pioneers in Mughlai cuisine are settled in Delhi. Like the other typical cuisines of Delhi, Mughlai had also originated in Delhi during the time of the majestic Mughal Empire which brought India to a golden age for a while before the Britishers took over. The reason behind Delhi being the food capital of India is that it was always a highly regarded city even in the times of the Mughals when Delhi used to be the capital. Delhi has seen a lot of changes and a lot of nationalities over the centuries and has Delhi has ceased to exist as an independently Indian city, rather turning into a multinational over the last decade.

The author loves to share the information about the restaurants that provide

Gujrati food in Delhi

with best and quality vegetarian food. Some people ever search for the different food specialities in the restaurants but only some selected are here which provide the all like Punjabi, Gujarati and

Rajasthani Food in Delhi

as well.

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