Corelle Brands: An All Encompassing Solution For Kitchen Needs

Corelle Brands is a world leader in the kitchenware industry, boasting an impressive portfolio of widely recognized and respected brands. These renowned brands are designed to meet the diverse needs of contemporary homes, encapsulating innovative materials, state-of-the-art technology, and captivating designs. Corelle Brands represents powerful names such as Corelle®, Pyrex®, CorningWare®, Snapware®, and Instant Pot®.

The Corning Incorporated spin-off commenced its journey in the 1950s, originally under the moniker of Corning Consumer Products Company. In its early days, the company’s principal focus was the production of glass products. With a commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, the company thrived, gradually evolving into its current status as a world-class producer of kitchenware renowned for its design and durability. In 2010, Cornell Capital acquired the company, and its name changed to Corelle Brands.


An epitome of resilience and sophisticated design, Corelle® is an esteemed icon in the kitchenware sphere. Corelle® dinnerware, the brand’s signature line, incorporates a patented three-layer glass technology, known as Vitrelle® glass, which is famous for its enduring durability. The sleek, yet robust dinnerware, is graced with eye-catching designs, providing an upscale appeal to everyday dining.


The century-old Pyrex® provides an array of glassware products notable for their versatility and reliability. From storage containers and bakeware to mixing bowls and measuring cups, Pyrex® delivers practical solutions, fostering an enjoyable cooking and baking experience.


Renowned for its groundbreaking ceramic technology, CorningWare® offers an array of resilient stoneware. The brand’s precious artistry encompasses a variety of bakeware dishes and casserole sets ingeniously designed to withstand extreme temperatures.


Snapware® is another stalwart brand from Corelle Brands that focuses on food storage solutions. Their products, including the plastic airtight containers or glass Food Keeper series, are designed to maintain food freshness and ease the storage process.

Instant Pot®

The latest addition to the Corelle Brands family is Instant Pot®, the immensely popular name behind several innovative kitchen appliances. Their game-changing line includes multicookers, blenders, air fryers, and more.

One of Instant Pot’s star products loved by users worldwide, is the air fryer. Convenient, efficient, and versatile, it is the go-to appliance for healthy and quick meal preparations. To get the best deal on this highly sought-after appliance, keen garage sale scouts and bargain hunters should stay vigilant for an air fryer on sale.

Whether it’s a robust Corelle® dinner set, a versatile Pyrex® baking dish, a stylish CorningWare® casserole set, an airtight Snapware® food storage container, or a cutting-edge Instant Pot® appliance, Corelle Brands is the ultimate destination for kitchenware solutions. Each product is designed with precision, ensuring high quality and durability.

Corelle Brands delivers not just pots, pans, and dishes, but inspiration for every creative cook by encapsulating style and utility in every item they introduce to the market. Therefore, whether setting up a new kitchen or upgrading existing kitchen appliances and tools, Corelle Brands is a choice that promises longevity, performance, and style.