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Located in the western outback of New South Wales, Broken Hill is a mining city with a rich history and a lot to do. It is known as The Silver City, and The Oasis of the West, as well as The Capital of the Outback. Although the city is relatively isolated, being surrounded by around three hundred miles of desert, it is still an excellent vacation spot, full of exciting attractions, lush gardens, and vibrant parks. In addition, Broken Hill is famed to have some of the most beautiful sunsets, and is a great spot to begin a longer excursion into the Australian outback.

Broken Hill has a ton of history and a wide variety of individuals living there. On your stay, be prepared to meet people of all backgrounds, including Aborigines passing through the outback. Broken Hill accommodation varies a lot depending on where you wish to stay and how much you want to spend. It has a huge variety of hotels, inns, and resorts for you to choose from.

Things to Do in Broken Hill

The first thing you ll want to do in Broken Hill is learn a little bit about its interesting mining history. The city s walking trails are a great way to get to know the city a little better, and learn about its history along the way. Trek the location s quarries, lakes and plains to see its gorgeous atmosphere and understand what living there was like years ago, before it was a tourist location. Some mining operations in Broken Hill are open to the public, so you can get a real feel for what mining culture used to be like and what it is like now. Visit the Albert Kersten Mining and Minerals Museum, the Railway Mineral and Train Museum or another local mining museum for some extra education on the subject. The old heritage buildings of Broken Hill are also great sights to see to experience the city s history.

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Broken Hill has many art galleries if you are looking for an artistic and cultural experience during your stay in Australia. Whether you want to see modern art, Aboriginal art, or older indigenous artworks, you will be able to find an art museum in Broken Hill to suit your tastes. There are lots of local artists in Broken Hill, as its unique vistas and life-altering sunsets draw that sort of resident. While wandering the streets and outskirts of the city, you are sure to meet artisans who are drawing inspiration for their craft from the radiant colors of the Australian Outback.

Additionally, Broken Hill and its neighbor, Silverton, have been featured as the backdrops for many movies and television shows. Keep your eyes open for your favorite movie sets while wandering the city and the surrounding desert.

If you re looking for nightlife, you may be surprised to find that the nighttime club and bar scene in Broken Hill is actually very active and lots of fun. Many of the city s clubs are open until late at night. Two establishments that are great for tourists and locals to go to for a fun night out are the Democratic Club and the Musician s Club.

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