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This week, Google and amazon because of security issues and supply disruptions makes consumer very angry, also make the two companies cloud computing services for credit problems and frustration.

Google Mired in the mire, because trouble the many of its employees transferred to Google Apps without according to provisions in the time limit and safety parameters.

Meanwhile, Web Services for (AWS) the data center in Virginia, which crashed hours service is temporarily unavailable. AWS customer many, but can only carry a short time a large part of the service is temporarily unavailable.

Security vulnerabilities and services to the risks of concerns of stop, is the traditional IT companies don’t want to use cloud computing services, one of the biggest reasons for such risks may cause economic loss, even radical reputation.

FedExCorp data security service supervisor Lana Davenport said: “we dared to put there no matter?” If Google and amazon can guarantee cloud calculative safety and practicality, why should we adventure use their cloud computing services?

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According to the latest reports true Forrester, because this technology promises more than other technology cost savings, IT enterprise using cloud computing really need adventure. Forrester predicts that global cloud computing market by 2011 will the 407 billion increase in 2020 2410 billion dollars.

As the Forrester said, conversion process will be ten years. Not a spirit normal person would suddenly everything conversion to Google Apps and AWS, unless it is the Los Angeles police chief information officer.

1. Understand clouds and its business interests

Clouds are business, rather than technology, not all the clouds are created equal. We have a lot of choice, from managed application to hosting infrastructure, service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) software. These software after the operation. Only will they how to meet the needs of the business, the user can feel significant benefits. This is narrow, you need to know about each cloud services, they actually can increase your IT strategies to improve efficiency and flexibility of benefits.

2. In the existing choice, application specific operation

If the existing email services, such as CRM and E-mail works well, you will not need to convert them. In fact, these kinds of changes it could lead to chaos, cause the user refused. However, if your most start using cloud services as required, will save you spend to benefit. The same principles apply to IaaS. This method tries to current job updating infrastructure or increase the service, not replace the existing infrastructure.

3. Overall planning, small part on

The 2011 is clearly defined cloud services year then 2011 will be gradually implement cloud year. Analyst James Stanton, recently estimated, many people will attempt to deploy private cloud, but many people would fail. The key is to start with small, and identify areas in which can expand using new technology, to IaaS, the simplest is open and your existing virtualization strategy, using cloud connect the virtualization technology as the core. Whether development, testing, or new Web application environment, cloud can be quickly and easily update implementation, and the possibility of success on extremely high.

4. Quick assessment all your options

Cloud solution to the implementation of the many choices. Public clouds with private cloud choice should be based on such as cost, safety, usability and control factors. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each model again, this is to deploy optimizing your business needs. If you choose to build their own private cloud, suppliers can help you achieve this goal. Portability and flexibility are important factors to consider. You need to choose a within the system solutions, also won’t lock to a particular environment. In addition, the future to be migrated to the public cloud solution and prove valuable.

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