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Going to the beach or a pool party can be intimidating for the mature woman. Years after childbirth, hundreds of diets, thousands of hours of aerobics classes and parking in the furthest parking space from the grocery store, and our bodies still have not recovered. Gravity, hormones and aging are unkind in the dressing room mirrors, and the dress sizes on the racks. Sometimes, doing everything right is not enough. Procedures to reduce bumps and bulges, hair in funny places and veins that look like sear sucker fabric can create the image in the mirror of how we truly feel.

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Changes in hormone levels caused by childbirth or menopause often result in changes in the texture and color of a woman’s skin. The once firm, glowing skin, now has age spots, sags and wrinkles. A muffin top or spare tire from pregnancy or middle age spread creep over the waste band of our jeans. Going under the knife almost sounds appealing. There is now a non-invasive procedure called “CoolSculpting”. There is no knife, heat or scarring. The results are seen over a 1 to 3 month period, and patients often recover poolside. For more information click

If you have tweezers in the car because the light is better permanent laser removal in Hawaii might be the answer. Some women struggle with bathing suits because shaving the bikini area leaves their skin with razor rash and, a few days later, in-grown hairs. Laser hair removal can offer a solution; the same is true with under arm hair and legs.

Heredity or standing on your feet all day can cause spider and varicose veins. These unsightly ripples, bruises and dark lines can make even the most sculpted legs appear unappealing. Varicose veins are painful as well. There are many different methods to correct them, and permanent laser removal in Hawaii is an option. Who could ask for a more beautiful place to recover?

Just because time and heredity say we are aging, we don’t have to accept it. When we look good, we feel good. An added benefit is we are more active and happy. Don’t let bumps, bulges and hair in funny places hold you back; do something about it. Take charge of your life; get the tweezers out of the car, the skirt off your bathing suit and show off the beautiful new you.

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How To Grow Taller Naturally is a question on the minds of many. Those who are lack of height often want to find answers in everything they can find. This can lead to grow taller supplements, injections and even surgery. While all are viable options, it goes without saying that if you can achieve any benefit from just taking grow taller pills, you want to avoid the potential risks of alternatives.

When you select the right push more pills you give your body a significant advantage. Not only are you choosing a product that helps regenerate bone growth, of course, offer additional benefits to your body and your system. This is because grow taller medicine every time you choose is rich in minerals and natural supplements that are good for your body when other methods cannot make these claims.

It is evident that regeneration and bone growth is greater than the benefit to those looking for ways to grow taller supplements and grow pills will definitely help in this process. The ingredients are natural food and promote bone growth to several centimeters. As you can see the increase in height, will also notice that your posture improves too. However, growth is not the only advantage of these pills.

Your natural and healthy growing drug will work hard on your body and can even improve your immune system. Minerals and supplements offered by pills to enhance what your body is already done and help promote your overall health. The functions of your body will be accelerated so that what works will work better than before. This also helps to improve the areas where your body may have been a little short before falling. Even your skin and tissue will heal and repair easily when you start taking the pills.

Of course, the growth of its united, cartilage, bones and discs will be the main reason for selecting growth pills. Your bones become stronger and you will notice the increased height. All this is done without the risk of side effects that comes with your choice of others. The benefits of grow taller medicine will grow certainly an option worth trying before opting for expensive and dangerous procedures.

Since growth problems can affect our daily lives both psychologically and mentally we created a unique formula for professional growth, to help you make the right decision. Our research team has worked very hard for many years to help address the growth of many in the world with satisfactory results. Since 1995, our advanced security system FlexV growth-Pro is designed to work by helping your own natural growth to improve, without side effects or fake promises!

Advanced FlexV growth-Pro system is a program to increase security high accumulation promotes tissue growth and slows the breakdown of muscles and bones during or after exercise. For best results, we suggest a good diet, improved HGH level and a proportional posture to help you get better results. HGH hormones can also be improved through natural dietary supplements and exercises, HGH controls the general body growth and Human Growth Hormone also contains a potent fat breakdown (lipolysis). effects.

System Height GrowthFlexV Pro is an easy to follow, step by step, safe and full height to provide your bones with nutrition and the essential techniques of bone regeneration to help you grow and reach your peak height naturally without the need expensive and painful operations or dangerous HGH injections.

A system for growth FlexV is the safest product on the market made by qualified professionals in a medical laboratory approved GMP. Height growth FlexV Pro system is the only product with high quality ingredients and studies supported by scientific data.

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Hiking in Galway Ireland


Mairead Foley


Here are some of the best-known walking routes in Galway:

Suck Valley Way

This is a 10km walk that will take you through boglands, lowland farms, and the “9 friendly villages”. It’s a marked walkway, just look out for black posts with yellow direction arrows.

Western Way

This 50km route starts at Oughterard and finishes at Leenane. On route you’ll also take in Maam, Maumeen, Inagh and Toorenacoona, as well as the Maum Turks, the Twelve Bens, and the banks of Lough Corrib.

Connemara National Park

Spanning nearly 3,000 hectares of mountains, bogs, heaths and woodlands, Connemara National Park is a fantastic spot for walking and hiking There are actually 3 walks to do within the park. The pathways are well marked out and signposted and the walks are planned to suit everyone, from the novice to the well-seasoned walker. You also have the added comfort of having Park Rangers on hand, just in case you get into any difficulties.

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Knockma Hill

If nothing else, this walk will awaken your curiosity – to see if you could find the burial site of Queen Maeve of Connaught. The famous Queen is supposed to be buried on top of Knockma Hill. This walk starts at Castlehackett and is approximately 4km long.

Mount Bellew Woodland

The trail at Mount Bellew Woodland, a 5km walk, isnt too hard on the legs either! Look out for Sika deer, a museum that used to be a forge, and magnificent oaks, sitkas and Norway spruces. The River Shevin flows through the area and an artificial lake adds to the beauty of the woodlands.

Mountain Climbing

With three mountain ranges to choose from in County Galway, it’s finding enough time to take in all three that’s the problem. However, not being the prophet of doom here, mountain climbing does carry risks. It can be quite dangerous so bear the following in mind before setting off:

Consider your fitness, experience, and abilities dont push yourself!

Check the weather forecast and more importantly how this relates to the mountains.

Dress appropriately and wear proper climbing boots.

Ensure you’ve learned how to navigate.

Take what you need for the journey without ending up like a camel.

If you’re not sure about the way ahead, do not proceed, turn back, and leave it for another day.

Most of all – be careful!

Here are some of the best spots for mountaineering in Galway:

The Twelve Bens

This mountain range is located in Connemara, near Roundstone Village. Geologists amongst you will be keen to know that the mountains are made up of gneiss, sandstone, mudstone, gabbro, mica schist and marble, and the soil type is peat. Experienced mountain climbers can climb all 12 peaks in one day! Ben Baun, the highest peak in the range is 730 metres.

At the foot of the mountains lies Lough Inagh, with the Maum Turks on the other side of the Lough. Breathtaking scenery is definitely the highlight, but you might also look out for hares, otters, freshwater pearl mussel and common frogs (all protected species). This area is unique in the fact that it contains rare plant and animal species.

Maum Turks

This mountain range is also located in Connemara. The highest peak of the Maum Turks is 703 metres. The mountains run from Maam Cross to Leenane. The Maum Turk mountain walk begins in the car park of the Holy Shrine of Mman. It’s a circular route and not for the faint hearted. The walk goes through the centre of the Maum Turks and you’ll have a number of challenging peaks to climb. Be aware of steep sides and cliff ravines.

Slieve Aughty Mountains

Part of this mountain range is in County Clare and part is in Galway. The mountain range consists of two ridges, which are divided by the Owendallaigh River. Clare can lay claim to having the highest peak, Maghera.

Casileandrumleathan is the highest point on the north ridge and west of this summit is the largest wind farm in Ireland, consisting of 71 Vestas V52 wind turbines.

The Slieve Aughty Mountains are made up of Old Red Sandstone and Lower Palaeozoic rocks. The area is a mix of unplanted blanket bog, developed blanket bog and coniferous forest. It’s also a Special Protection Area for bird life.

Mairead Foley writes for the Ireland travel and accommodation website

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Architectural illustrators are people who can create a visual design of an architects project so that a client can know what a project will look like. They sketch the imagery of the project so that they accurately highlight the scope, size, dimension, scale as well environmental specifics.

With the help of the architectural illustrators clients who have commissioned projects get an opportunity to know what the project will look like on completion. In order to make architectural representations they have to use a wide range of modern as well as traditional illustration techniques which include using different methods of 3D animation, computer software in designing and making scale diagrams by hand.

Who can become an Architectural Illustrator?

Architectural illustrator requires formal education in graphic designing, architecture, digital art or computer and interior design. He should hold a Bachelors degree in Architecture or Fine Arts. The courses may contain 2- dimensional drawing, designs aided by computer, 3- dimensional drawing, design concepts, digital media and topography.

A student deciding to join an architect as an illustrator, should join a degree course in drafting to develop the additional skills required for working architectural industry programs , software and tools. To take up a job as a qualified illustrator he may need 1 3 years experience which can be gained through internship. An illustrator should have computer skills, photo imaging abilities and artistic ability besides being able to work with a team. He will get a salary of around $45,900.p.a

What are the Job opportunities for an Architectural Illustrato

An Architectural Illustrator has lot of job opportunities provided he has a degree from a reputed institution with 1 3 years of experience. They can be self- employed or work in interior design companies, construction companies, graphic design companies, and architectural firms. They can also start their careers as CAD operators.

After a lot of training and experience architectural operators can move into management positions. They need to have lot of experience in the field for better opportunities. They can take up supervisory positions such as chief designers or creative directors.

The Benefits of Architectural Visualization

Architectural visualization is very important to help the client to know what the building will look like before the project is started so that any flaws in the building can be corrected. A model in 3D rendering provides the exact information about the structure and building from every angle, which makes the work of the builder, engineer, architect and customer easier.

If the customer needs any alterations to the project, it can be easily done without much hassle because of the various tools in the rendering software. All the advanced software available today helps the builder to communicate with the client in a better way.

It is very important for the builder to be able to deliver the project as specified. A building is an artistic piece of work which cannot be easily identified from 2D drawing. A 3D model helps to see the building from every angle, so flaws in design which may have been overlooked can be easily corrected.

So, join an architectural firm as architectural illustrator and provide the clients good 3D vision of complex building commissioned to understand it better.

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Preface: Overheating problem is a general phenomenon for drivers. But what degree of heat is normal , and how to minimize the risk of overheating problems. Continuing to the latter article The Overheat Problems For Stepper Motor

The following is a simple analysis.

The reasons of overheating problems for stepper motor is affected by iron losses, copper losses, even affected by material, current, frequency, voltage. So the overheating problem is showed by iron losses and copper losses. Moreover, AC motor frequency of occurrence of fever is relatively high. But as we said according to the latter essay, the reasonable range of the heating of the stepper motor depends on the degree to which the motor is hot, depending on the internal insulation level of the motor.

Internal insulation performance is at high temperatures (as long as the internal temperature does not exceed 130? degrees, the motor will not be damaged, so the surface temperature will be below 90 degrees or stepper motor surface temperature is at 70-80 degrees , which are normal temperature for stepper motor.

The simple skills to test the temperature are as following.

Drivers can touch it within 1-2 seconds if the temperature is under 60?. But please just touch it quickly if the temperature is between 70-80?. Drop a few drops of water quickly gasification, then more than 90 degrees.

But the overheating status is also connected to the speed. Stepper motor heating is with the speed of constant change to maintain constant torque output.

Speed to a certain extent, the motor internal back EMF increased. then, The current will gradually decline, the torque will drop automatically.

The solutions of overheating problems for stepper motor.

Solution 1

Increasing the iron losses/copper losses is a good way to avoid the overheating problems. So we can reduce current and resistance. We should choose a small resistance and small current rating of the motor when we decide to purchase it. For two-phase motors, the parallel motor can be used without a parallel motor, but this is often in conflict with the requirements of torque and high speed.

Solution 2

For a motor that has been selected, we should take advantage of the drives automatic half-flow control function and offline functions. The former automatically reduces the current when the motor is in static state. The latter one, we can cut off current directly.

Solution 3

Besides, Segment the drive current waveform close to the sine, If the harmonic less, the motor will be less heat. Increasing the iron losses is also related to the voltage.

High-voltage drive motor will bring high-speed characteristics of the upgrade but increasing the overheating problems.

Solution 4

Choosing the appropriate drive-voltage-grade, Taking into account the high band, smoothness and overheating problems, noise and other indicators

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Please follow us if you want to know more information about stepper motor, For example, How to choose a correct stepper motor? What factors effect the overheating of step motor? How could we solve and avoid the overheating problems? and so on . we will update the article later.

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